You treasure. Create value from your address book
Contacts management is a chest of treasures for your company. GlipMe will remove confusion and complexity from phonebooks, ERPs, diaries. Well managed contacts will become a major resource for your business.

Be simple, be powerful. Easy to use, easy to own

GlipMe is a comprehensive platform that provides services "ready to run", always available "in the cloud", and that does not have hidden costs (backup, maintenance, etc.).

You will have a single contacts archive, always updated, available to your entire company.

It's a really easy, responsive and light Web App, witch any user is immediately able to exploit.

Share. One company, one resource, many benefits.

Why people working in a company may have different address books, or different software may contain different data? GlipMe will bring a single, shared, pervasive, repository of every contact that the company has.

Every person, every software can count on GlipMe to find correct data.

Enabling Sync, the corporate address book will also be available on every smartphone.

Reminders. Never miss an opportunity
Business relationships require you manage follow-up and scheduled calls, emails or actions. You may need to call a customer or prospect, or just remind to make something related to any company you work with.

GlipMe reminders allow you and your team to share reminders bound to any contact or company in address book. You will receive alerts when required.

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PBX ready. Who are you?

GlipMe can provide to your PBX the directory service to look up incoming numbers.

You will see on your phone the name of person and company that is calling you, not the number.

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