Key features

Everything the Tour doesn't say.

Devices change. Your contacts don't.

You can change your phone, your tablet, your notebook or PC many times. But your contacts are your life: you want that they are ready on the new device.

GlipMe allows you to have address book ready on the new device in few seconds. 

Organize as you need

GlipMe will not force you to organize your contacts. You are free to add TAGs to them. So you can create as many "groups" as you need, and work with these groups.

You can find contacts based on TAGs, and use these criteria to filter or send messages.

Clean up your old address book

Using the "Desk" feature (video), you can manage a group of contacts with a single click: add TAGs, delete, etc.

You can also merge different contacts into a single one, cleaning your old data. You decide what to merge, we don't change your data. We just help you.

The best friend of your smartphone

GlipMe can fill up your smartphone's address book. You will not change its contacts app, nor you will change habits. You will have personal or company contacts in your main phonebook list,  near others (from your phone internal, GMail account, company Groupware, etc).

GlipMe will not change any contact on your phone: it just will add new items. You can also add items back to GlipMe from your smartphone.

If you will remove Sync from phone, it will revert as it was before.

And..  all this without installing any app, on every platform.

Take a look at video1 and video2 about GlipMe Sync.

Never miss an opportunity

GlipMe reminders allow you to bind a reminder to any contact or company in your address book. You will receive an alert when you need, and you will be ready to get best from your relationships.


GlipMe allows you to see at a glance any news about your contact store. An address that has been changed, a birthday approaching, new messages in bulletin boards, mailings delivered, etc.: everything is highlighted in a simple way and available with immediacy.

Ready for workgroups

With a "Business" GlipMe account you will start an "organization". In your organization you can create additional users, as you need. You can assign permissions to edit or simple read contacts.

Every user can start own Sync, to receive in personal phone the shared group's address book. Someone add a data, everyone have it.

Send business cards

Do you need to send to someone full data about one contact? Or maybe your own business card?

GlipMe allows to quick send an email with full data, including a ready to import vCard file, a QRCode, and contact photo. Just a click.


GlipMe is not a CRM, mainly because manages a more wide range of contacts and features. But if you are a company and manage your business contacts with GlipMe, you will find some features that make it also a simple customer manager.

Data are organized to show you the reality, not just a list of people. For example, you will see easy a "company card", to easily find who works in that company, what are roles, and so on. All in a clear view.

You will also have a dashboard to link messages and documents to a company or a single person, for example an offer you have sent.

Our "apps" are just importers

Yes, we have some "apps" that you can install on your phone or tablet, either Android or Windows Phone. But this apps are not required to work, nor to synchronize your phone with GlipMe.

Apps allow to import your old full address book from your phone to GlipMe, with a single click. That's all. Later you can uninstall. Don't forget to add a five-star review before :-)

Cross platform = freedom

GlipMe doesn't require a specific platform or devices. You are free to choice your preferred solution: Windows and Windows Phone, MacOS, Android, IOS, Blackberry, etc.

We provide a great Web app always available. We also provide a Sync service that can feed the native address book of your device or software.

Ask people to update your address book

GlipMe will ask to your contacts to update data, sending them an email. These messages are clear and safe, and you can personalize your personal template: GlipMe will write what you want.

This is great to have an updated address book, specially if it's your business address book.

If you don't like this feature, no problem. You can disable it at all, or just for a single contact.

Windows 8 enabled

Do you love Windows 8 people hub? You can connect it to GlipMe, and feed it with you GlipMe contacts. Your personal or company contacts will be available in your tablet or PC contact manager.

We didn't use your data

We repeat that as many times as you want: we didn't access, nor use, your data.

GlipMe is a powerful tool, not a fake service that tries to receive personal information to sell, profile, or advertise them.

Import your old address book

Your current data can have some problems. Maybe they are "flat" (just a list of people), they are incomplete, they are inconsistent (company name's not written in the same way), they are duplicated. And they can have many other limits, but they are your starting point.

So, go on: you can import them in your new "living address book" as your starting point. You can import your entire address book from your smartphone, or you can import from Outlook, Thunderbird, GMail, LinkedIn, or from any vCard or csv file. In essence, you can import from every software you are using today.

PBX API: who is calling me?

GlipMe can provide to your PBX the directory service to look up incoming numbers.

You will see on your phone the name of person and company that is calling you, not the number. 

You can connect Asterisk based PBXs as FreePBX in a few minutes, and any other PBX that supports query to external address book.