GlipMe Sync. Going into your phone


Sync is the GlipMe service that brings your address book into your phone. Just manage contacts using all GlipMe features and power, then you will find every contact available in your phone address book. You will continue using your preferred smartphone and its integrated address book, no change is required. After setup you will forget Sync, but it will maintain updated data in your phone.

Sync is two-way: you can also add, edit or delete contacts from your smartphone or tablet.

Every GlipMe user receives a 1-year free Sync account!


Every platform. Choose your preferred smartphone, GlipMe will support it
GlipMe will support your smartphone. You can buy either a Windows Phone, Android, iPhone or Blackberry phone. Every platform is supported, just connect it to GlipMe Sync and go on.

Two-way synchronization. From phone to GlipMe

Sync allows you also to add a new contact, edit or delete an existing one, from your smartphone or tablet. You will find it in your GlipMe account, and in all connected devices.

No App, thanks. Just GlipMe.
You chose your preferred smartphone platform, didn't you? So we want you to be free to use it with integrated address book and features. You will NOT install additional "App", and manage contacts with them. Just continue using the integrated address book: GlipMe will feed it with updated data.

Changed your mind? Sync is reversible
You want to disconnect your phone from GlipMe Sync? No problem: every contact provided by GlipMe will disappear from your device.

Safe and sure: Sync is reversible. We'll not edit your local address book, and you will remove every GlipMe data just disconnecting phone from Sync.

Sync will connect your phone to GlipMe using a safe SSL channel. So your data will be always trasmitted using a ciphred channel.
On the air
Your address book will be syncronized by GlipMe using on-the-air internet connection. No cables or software required.
Set it and forget it
You will require just one minute to setup Sync on your phone, then you can forget it. You will just find on it your GlipMe contacts, always updated and ready when you make or receive a call/email/sms.