Under your control. You have the power

GlipMe is your private or company cloud address book, not a data aggregator. You control it, you manage it.

Every magic tool we provide doesn't add unwelcome contacts to your archive.

Automatically updated. The living address book
GlipMe manages and updates addresses, either from social networks or directly contacting people and asking them if data are still valid. You will always have correct data available, without efforts and mistakes.

Go mobile. Your life in your smartphone

GlipMe feeds your smartphone, either Windows Phone, Android, iPhone or Blackberry. No additional App is required, no changes in your habits: you will use your phone integrated address book. GlipMe will fill it with updated data in behalf of you.

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Get power. Data at your service

Start receiving services and features from your address book. Not just a repository: receive and send business cards with others, receive notifications from contacts, share your addresses and phone numbers.

Connect TAGs, dashboards, history and notes to your contacts.

Organize companies you know and clarify who your contact persons are: GlipMe is not a flat list of people as an old address book.

Bind reminders to people and companies: you will never forget anything [Video available].

Extract. Get services from your address book
Create powerful searches and contact lists. Export them in your mailing or administrative software. Use the integrate mailing features to create a newsletter online, and send it to contacts matching your criteria. Connect your software to GlipMe APIs to feed it with your updated address book.

Connect. Use what you love

Do you have a GMail account? Great: GlipMe will feed it with your updated address book. Are you a LinkedIn or Twitter user? GlipMe will retrieve data from social networks and will complete your address book. Does your company use Office365, Microsoft Exchange, Icewarp or Google Apps? GlipMe will feed your corporate groupware with entire company address book.

Do you like Windows 8 contacts hub, Thunderbird or Outlook 2013? GlipMe will feed them with your contacts.

Your data will be safe: only you will access to them, we backup them in a remote datacenter, and you can always find them "ready to go" on your smartphone or tablet. And we'll never access or use them. Guaranteed.
Create additional users for your GlipMe organization, and assign custom permissions. You can manage your company address book service exactly as you need.
It just works
No wasted time installing or upgrading software: GlipMe is an online address book. No need to buy a specific smartphone platform, or manage backup or licencing. Spend your time building your business and living your life: GlipMe simply works.
GlipMe is a Web App: you can access it from any Web browser. No specific platform is required, and GlipMe can feed any smartphone address book, either Windows Phone, Android, iPhone or Blackberry. Developers can find Rest and WS API.
GlipMe doesn't contains banners or other advertising, nor sends any kind of advertising to its users.