Your privacy, our commitment

The agreement between you and GlipMe is very clear, honest and transparent:

  1. you own data you insert, and GlipMe only provides you tools to manage and exploit them, in complete safety.
  2. your data are private, will be accessible only to you, and will not be neither used nor accessed from GlipMe for other purposes (e.g. advertisements).
  3. your data will be available online using GlipMe Web App, on your smartphone, or by APIs to be integrated with your business systems.
  4. your data are portable, and you can download them for local export through the functionality we provide.

By using GlipMe you will not have to worry about backups, updates, transfers, or any technical management of your database: everything comes from GlipMe.

In return we only ask you to handle data that have been collected honestly, and to respect their owners.

About cookies

Why not showed you the banner of acceptance of cookies? Because, in accordance with the policy of neutrality and transparency towards our users, this site makes no personal profiling of visitors nor collects data for advertising purposes. The cookies we use are exclusively technical and internal to our systems, and nothing will be shared with third parts that already have user's data and can create profiles (eg Google Analytics).

GlipMe, safe from the first contact (tm)!

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